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Week Nine - Movie Maker


Hello everyone! My ninth week at The Comedy Trust was jam packed with some interesting Marketing activities.

I started off the day by sending off press releases to our press contacts for Feeling Funny course which commenced at the end of May. Since it was Mental Health Awareness Week that week, it was a great opportunity to get more recognition for the course as it is a great way to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Next, I edited the Feeling Funny corporate video for Merseytravel by using Abode Premiere Pro. I found it very confusing to begin with because I had never used a programme like it before. However, after researching numerous tutorials on Youtube, I managed to put something together. For example, I got the hang of putting different videos together and editing the audio due to the noise in the background. I think video editing is definitely something that becomes clearer the more you use it, so I'm excited to learn more!

Finally, I did some videoing of the Stroke Association's Feeling Funny Course. I took pictures and videos of the tutors and participants. This was a great chance to see how the tutors respond to the stand up comedy routines with feedback and how to improve the build up to the punchline. It was also good to see the participants before their final performance which was at the end of May.



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