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Well Happy Session :)

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Hi everyone, Owen again, day 2 of my amazing adventure and today I helped out at The Comedy Trust’s Well Happy Session run for Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre community groups.

The session started with a check-in game: pick a number 1 out of 10 how you’re feeling which gave them an opportunity to share how they feel with the group and why. At first there were a few who were hesitant to take part because they either felt shy but as usual, with all ages, when you have a few warm up games you quickly gain confidence and get involved.

The session was full of laughs right from the off with improvisation games such as, the imaginary box game, the legendary word association game and the evergreen one word story. The session was of course full with tea, coffee and biscuits (The Comedy Trust™) and also full with stories about things they find funny and funny things that have happened to them.

This programme was made possible by funding of the LCVS


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