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What is the Feeling Funny Club?

Hello everyone! Last week I had the opportunity to go along to the Feeling Funny Club.

At first I wasn't sure what to expect because it can be quite difficult trying to get a feel for how The Comedy Trust achieve their goals. The evening turned out to be a great chance to learn more about what the courses entail, and to meet those who benefit from all the work The Comedy Trust do.

The Feeling Funny Club was established after participants who took part in the 6 week Feeling Funny Course, wanted the chance to meet regularly and continue to improve their mental well-being and comedy skills! This goes to show how effective and beneficial the course is, as participants felt they wanted to continue to improve their confidence and communication skills through what The Comedy Trust has to offer.

The Feeling Funny Club is aimed at men over the age of 18, the original Feeling Funny Course gives men a chance to tackle the subject of mental health through the aspect of comedy. This course is important and relevant due to the issues surrounding men and mental health, which shows the statistically higher suicide intent in men.

The club took place at 81 Renshaw Street, which is an Arts Cafe based in Liverpool. They have a cute theatre space with an inviting atmosphere which hosts gigs and workshops, so it was a perfect space to host the club. Not to mention all the delicious looking food they have to offer!

The club this month was run by workshop tutor Ann, who ran a series of improv exercises. One of my favourite exercise included, 3 Headed Expert, which was an exercise where 3 participants had to answer any questions one word at a time, in sequence. Not only was the exercise extremely funny to watch, but it was a great way of enabling the participants to build up their confidence and work as a team. All the other exercises also have lots of interactions and enables participants to get as involved as they wish, in a friendly and easy-going atmosphere.

Nearing the end of the workshop, all the club members have the chance to try out their material to the rest of the group. This is a great way of increasing confidence and taking on board the feedback other members have to offer.

Attending the Feeling Funny Club last week was a great way to see first hand some of the work they do at The Comedy Trust! Through meeting those who attend the workshops I feel as if I know a lot more about why the courses are so successful. It has also reminded me how great it is to be involved with an organisation which will benefit me as well as so many others!



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