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What's Next for Liverpool's What Next members?

We've spent the last couple of months collaborating with the lovely lot at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre to help deliver wellbeing sessions for individuals working in the arts and culture sector across the Liverpool City Region as part of the national What Next movement for the Liverpool Chapter. LCR What Next has received support from the What Next national movement to deliver a series of free to access sessions to members. Workshops focus on personal health and wellbeing and aim to create a support network and offer coping mechanisms to help those of us working in the region’s arts and cultural sector. In total there are six sessions a year. Our first workshop took place last month and delved into the wonderful world of mindfulness to educate attendees about the benefits of mindfulness and teach them techniques they can take with them to support their own mental wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace. Here's a few snippets of what members had to say:

"A new and helpful way of understanding mindfulness. Effective and accessible introduction to practise. I can really imagine myself being able to practise these techniques at work - really glad to have learned them"

"It was great to escape and concentrate on the now"

"I was quite tired and anxious and concerned I was too worked up to benefit but actually it really helped and left me feeling much better and lighter. Sheryl was fab!"

After such a well received session we've invited Occupational Therapist Sheryl back to host a session that will focus on CREATIVE WRITING AND MINDFULNESS taking place on the 24th of June at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, 5.15pm - 6.45pm. This session will explore ways for you to use creative writing techniques as an outlet to help you relax and express your thoughts, enabling you to become more mindful when you do so. The session will host guided breathing and relaxation exercises.

Places will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment! Email quoting the subject ‘What Next - Well Happy Session’ or call 0151 702 5892 to reserve a place.


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